About FRC

FRC LogoThe FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) includes over 156,000 students, in almost 2,600 teams from a dozen countries. There are over 50 regional competitions, leading up to the Championship Event in Atlanta, Georgia. Over 130 colleges, universities, professional associations, and companies offer over 14 million dollars in scholarships to hardworking students. Many students work hand-in-hand with professional engineers, which prepares them for the future. Mentors and advisors guide and assist FIRST teams, and act as positive role-models, exercising gracious professionalism.

A large part of the FIRST Robotics Competition is the friendly community of teams, and their interaction with each other. The competition teaches how to better handle deadlines and work under pressure. Co-operation and collaboration, as well as appreciation for mentors, volunteers, and advisors are optimal goals of every team in FIRST. It also encourages the importance of knowing all aspects of a project and the need for marketing, information research, and mechanical knowledge. The values of FIRST, such as teamwork, responsibility, organization, respect, and consideration for others, are learned skills that will not only be applied to a professional career, but to every aspect of your life.

Philadelphia Regional 2009

Philadelphia Regional 2009

Like every team, 1089 has learned from FIRST. Each member has had the opportunity to learn about motors, drive train components, pneumatics, and sensors. They have also learned mechanics and engineering technology through the use of prototyped designs. Team Mercury allows students a hands-on opportunity to learn during build season and into the off-season by constructing and programming a robot with merely the advisement of mentors. Members create their own promotional slogans for buttons and outreach posters each year to spread the message of FIRST and Team Mercury to the community. FIRST is a life-altering and career-molding experience for students not only on 1089, but worldwide.

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