Team Structure

Our team is divided up into different committees in order to complete many tasks at once. Not all of the people in one committee are needed in another committee’s work, but sometimes committees will want to (or have to) work together.

Programming & Electronics

The Programming & Electronics committee works on programming the robot and mounting electronics. Using Java, students define the teleoperated and autonomous actions of the robot. They experiment with and research new features and devices, including sensors and cameras, to further enhance our robot’s capabilities. Members of this committee learn time management skills and inspire a greater appreciation for technology.

Public Relations & Marketing

Public Relations organizes team fundraising and outreach events to inform the community of 1089’s progress in FIRST. The goal of this group is to inform the general public about FIRST and the many opportunities available to its participants. Additionally, they set up fundraisers to ensure team sustainability. The members of this committee learn valuable lessons in communication and coordination of events for the team.

Award Submissions

Award Submissions writes valuable essays to inform FIRST of Team 1089’s progress. These are also used to gain scholarships for the season and show the importance of the team’s efforts. The skills learned from writing these submissions are especially useful to schoolwork and projects, and teach the importance of time management. Overall, they work hard to outline the team’s goals and success and present them to the FIRST community.

Robot Design

The Robot Design Committee focuses on building a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition game each season. During build season, the team is asked to present ideas, sketches, drawings and supporting documentation, and if possible, AutoCad and Inventor drawings for new designs. This committee works to build the final robot, incorporating all discussed ideas found to be beneficial toward the design of the machine to achieve this goal. They promote the ideas of safety, critical thinking, project management, and gracious professionalism, and offer all members the possibility to learn the aspects and functions of the robot.

Spirit & Imagery

Spirit is responsible for creating a team image in the community through participation in outreach events and through usage of the various spirit materials. Spirit materials consist of the team banner, flag, and mascot as well as the noisemakers, “MERCURY 1089” signs, and team pom-poms. The spirit chair is responsible for keeping track of and maintaining the spirit materials. Spirit also extends into competitions where they prepare team cheers and excite team members about the year’s competition. The skills acquired from this committee are in marketing from publicizing the team to the community as a whole.

Digital Design & Production

The Digital Design and Production committee is in charge of both the team’s computerized designs and animations, as well as its visual documentation. Our use of computer generated designs inspires an appreciation of science and technology on our team and in the community. This committee is effectively the face of the team, creating posters, videos, slideshows, and other imagry in conjuction with Public Relations to portray the team in a positive light.

Scouting & Strategy

Scouting & Strategy creates a form for both round and pit scouting at competitions. This is used as a reference when making important decisions during alliance selections, developing strong decision making and persuasive argument skills of why a robot should be ranked higher than another should. Their role is to compile the scouting sheets into a list, used by the team representative on the field to generate a successful alliance. Strategy also sends information to the drivers prior to matches and generates strategies to fit the needs of our alliance.

Web Design

The Web Dev committee inspires creative thinking and technological interest in students through the development of a team website, and as a result engenders public awareness, spreads the message of FIRST, and helps to unify and connect our team to become more effective overall.