School Outreach

Our team’s display case in the school


To increase awwareness of Team Mercury and FIRST, 1089 makes it a point to participate in many school activities. Our team demonstrates co-operation and unity while participating in the school activities and events.

  • We give presentations to the East Windsor Board of Education to update parents, teachers, and other adults on the progress of our team. Team members create a slideshow presentation, each taking turns to talk about all their accomplishments. We always bring our robot for display and take questions from both the members of the Board and attendees.


  • To spread “FIRST Fever” to incoming freshmen, Team 1089 sparked their interest prior to their first year of high school during the 8th grade orientation. Not only do we hand out brochures, we also had flyers advertising the NJ Regional, a display board with team information, a display case in the main entrance, a live demonstration of the robot, and a video presentation of this year’s game.


  • We had a similar set up during rush week to reach out to current high school students. In doing so we at Team 1089 meet new people and bond as a team. We boosted member retention by holding workshops and playing team-building games.


  • We also partake in the school’s curriculum expo, bake sales, along with Polo Wednesdays. Promoting our team creates a visual identity in our school; getting students to recognize what their peers are involved in.


  • In order to inform students about FIRST and our upcoming competition, we create a growing viral ad campaign. Students create vague teasers to hang around the school, prompting students to ask questions. Each week Team Mercury provides more information about the game and the team, eventually leading up to flyers and inviting students to attend the NJ Regional.