Team Mentoring

In addition to our own successes, Team Mercury provides assistance and/or mentorship to many other FIRST teams. We believe that our support can help other teams to get the most out of their participation, and also help create a more sustainable program here in New Jersey. We have worked with 8 teams since our inception, and expect that number to keep growing.

Team 1807 (website)
Allentown High School

Allentown was the first team 1089 mentored. Working with several of their students, Team Mercury taught them basics of electronics, robotics, and programming. After a day of workshops, both teams retrofitted our 2003 robot, Quicksilver, to allow Allentown to participate in a local off-season competition, Brunswick Eruption, as a pre-rookie. We also provided a drive team coach and pit assistance for the competition. Since then, we have offered them spare parts, support, and advice when needed.

Allentown’s team went on to win the 2006 Rookie All Star Award at the New Jersey Regional, the 2007 Motorola Quality Award at the New York City Regional, and were champions at the 2009 New York City Regional.

Former Team 1882 / FTC Team 632
Howell High School

Howell High School was also invited to participate in our 2007 workshops. We invited their students and mentors to discuss a myriad of topics, and offered them a chance to ask questions to an experienced FRC team. We hope to see them involved in the FIRST Robotics Competition again soon!

Team 2180 (website)
Steinert High School

While working with Nottingham High School, we also aided Steinert with programming and general team assistance. Our mentors spent many weekends in 2007 helping their team with fabrication of parts, assembly, electronics, and important award submissions. We provided one-on-one workshops for electronics, programming, and pneumatics. 1089 has also provided assistance in the pits when needed.

Steinert’s team was the recipient of the 2007 New Jersey Regional Highest Rookie Seed Award.

Team 2191 (website)
Nottingham High School

Team Mercury has aided Nottingham, Team 2191, whenever assistance is needed. Our mentors spend many weekends with their team helping them with fabrication of parts, assembly, electronics, programming, and important award submissions. Currently in their second build season, a mentor for Team Mercury designed a mechanism that team 2191 is in the process of building.

Nottingham’s team was the recipient of the 2007 New Jersey Regional Rookie Inspiration Award.

Team 2495 (website)

Hamilton High School West

Along with mentoring the rookie team from Robbinsville high school, several of our mentors have lent their support to Hamilton West. We provided them with a copy of our Manual Quiz (a multiple choice test we give our students to ensure they know the rules of the game), and helped them develop a basic electronics board. A few mentors have also given suggestions for team fundraising events and outreach opportunities.

Team 2554 (website)

JP Stevens High School

Along with our one-on-one workshops for Steinert, our team held a workshop for JP Steven’s advisors to help their team get off to an organized start. We provided the same set of workshops to the rookie team’s students, and both Robbinsville and JP Stevens shared our 2005 retrofitted robot, The Messenger, at the off-season, Brunswick Eruption. This allowed their team to understand the feel of an event, competing as a pre-rookie team with a lot of guidance. We offered them pit assistance and a drive team coach to teach them the basics of succeeding at a regional event.

JP Stevens’ team was the recipient of the 2009 Website Award at the New York City Regional.

Team 2590 (website)
Robbinsville High School

In 2007, our team mentors held a workshop for Robbinsville’s advisors to help the team get off to an organized start. During the mentor workshops, 1089’s members taught the rookie team’s students about the components of a FIRST robot. After holding these workshops, 1089 lent our 2005 robot, The Messenger, to both the Robbinsville and JP Stevens (2554) high schools to share at the off-season competition, Brunswick Eruption. Since then, mentors and students work alongside Robbinsville every week to assist them with pneumatics and other build season tasks.

Robinsville’s Team was finalists at the New Jersey Regional in 2008, as well as the recipients of the Rookie All Star Award and Highest Rookie Seed. In 2009, they won the New Jersey Regional Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award.