2008 – Apollo

Apollo – 2008


Game robot was designed for: FIRST Overdrive

Brief Game Description: FIRST Overdrive is a game played on the track. Two alliances, one red and one blue, composed of three teams each, compete in each match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent by making counter-clockwise laps with your robot around the track while moving large trackballs over and/or under the overpass that bisects the track. For more info on the game visit http://www.usfirst.org

Frame: This year’s frame was a combination of 2 by 4 inch aluminum, sliced down the center and screed metal

Drive System: 6″ Hex broached wheels with a thick rubber tread powered by Four CIMS on our custom made gearbox for a speed of 12 ft/s.

Manipulator: A seven piston arm mechanism powered by pneumatics. Our arm mechanism can put the arm in a hurdle position in under 2 seconds. Our robot can herd, hurdle, and place the ball on the overpass at the end of each round.

New Concepts: Custom IR hybrid

Components Discarded: Two speed AndyMark gearboxes

The 2008 robot was designed to play FIRST Overdrive. Points can be scored by moving the trackball around the NASCAR-like field or by hurdling the ball over the 6.5 foot high overpass. A robot’s speed and maneuverability was be crucial for this year’s game. The team has incorporated new concepts in the robot and attended the NJ Regional, Connecticut Regional, and the Championship Event in Atlanta.

The robot was successful at the competitions, placing 8th overall at the New Jersey Regional and finishing Quarter-Finalists, and at the Championship Event, placing the 6th seed overall and Semi-Finalists! That was the farthest we had ever gone at the championship and we were very excited about this success. This excitement was taken to the off-season, where we were Quarter-Finalists at both Brunswick Eruption and Monty Madness and the champions of  Duel on the Delaware.

The various concepts and skills learned this year were very important and will be used on future robots to maintain a high success rate.