2004 – Quicksilver++

Quicksilver++ – 2004

Game robot was designed for: FIRST Frenzy

Brief game description: The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent alliance by delivering balls into goals, capping goals with larger balls, and/or having robots hanging from the Pull-Up Bar at the end of the round of competition. For information on the game visit http://www.usfirst.org

Frame: Extruded Aluminum

Drive System: Treads and pulleys, powered by a drill and CIM motor.

Manipulator: Winch system powered by two window motors.

New Concepts: Tread system and extruded aluminum metal.

Components Discarded: 11′ Scissor Lift.

In 2004, the team studied and implemented two new mechanical systems. Extruded aluminum, a widely used framing metal in FIRST robotics, was used for the entire robot structure. Secondly, we developed a tread drive system to surpass difficulties in climbing the platform. Initially our manipulator was a scissor lift that could extend up to 11′ and had a claw to control the multiplier ball. Due to torque issues, this idea was discarded and a much simpler manipulator was used, without the ability to control the multiplier ball. The final machine was constructed completely with extruded aluminum.

There were several mechanical issues with the drive system regarding the gearing of the CIM and drill motors. The robot had the ability to hang from the 10′  bar at center field with ease; however, the drivers had a tough time aligning the manipulator. We learned from this season how important pre season research is, since the pressing time limit and lack of accurate designs caused compromising situations where the team had to sacrifice certain abilities.