Ultimate Ascent

Ultimate Ascent is played on a 27′ by 54′ field. Two alliances of three robots each are positioned at opposite ends of the field touching the alliance’s colored pyramid. The robots attempt to shoot as many frisbees into their goals as possible. The game starts with a 15 second autonomous period. During this period, teams may not manually operate their robot, instead using preprogrammed instructions. Following this is a two minute teleoperated period, where drivers attempt to score as many points as possible. At the end of the match, robots attempt to climb the pyramids located on each side of the field. Climbing higher up results in more points.


District Events

The events highlighted in orange are the events that Team 1089 plans to attend. To view district events on the MAR site Click Here

Week 1: March 1-3 Hatboro-Horsham High School
Week 2: No Event Scheduled HSPA testing in New Jersey
Week 3: March 14-16 Springside/Chestnut Hill Academy
Week 3: March 14-16 The College Of New Jersey
Week 4: March 22-24 Seneca High School
Week 4: March 22-24 Mt. Olive High School
Week 5: No Event Scheduled Holiday Week
Week 6: April 5-7 Bridgewater-Raritan High School
Week 7: April 11-13 Lehigh University


Build Season


During the course of our build season and after, we will have an overveiw of our build season located below. It will include YouTube videos, tweets and other posts.


Shooter Concept Test Series





Robot Shooter test(mounted)