2013 Lenape Seneca FIRST Robotics District Competition (Qualifying Event)

By cgregory | Written March 23, 2013

Hey there everyone,

Currently scattered throughout the Lenape competition, Team Mercury awaits the end of practice matches and the start of qualifying matches.  Our drive team recently won their practice match, which bodes well for the competition. Busy readying the robot,  the build team is completing bumper and other extraneous repairs, while the drive team is going over the results of the practice match, deciding who will drive the robot come match 5, our first match.  Members of other committees have been dispersed and sent to scour the pits and keep track of other teams’ robots.  Lily, charged with organizing scouting, has been feverishly arranging the rest of the team and putting together a scouting schedule for the actual matches with the help of Wilson and Sara.  I myself am keeping track of the steady developments throughout the competition in the preparation for future press releases and newsletters.  More information to come as the competition unfolds.

– Kasia D.