Build Season Has Started!

By cgregory | Written January 13, 2016


Welcome to Mercury Weekly, Mercury 1089’s mini blog-series that documents the progress of our Build Season from beginning to end.

Saturday marked Kickoff, the beginning of our hectic build season where we have 6 weeks to build our robot for our 2016 FRC game, Stronghold.

As soon as the reveal was over, our team began to fervently read the manual. The topics of discussion ranged from the different types of gameplay to the pure strategy of the tasks at hand.

Mercury went over the rules and then broke up into small groups to outline the main components of the game.

Early in the week, the Build committee scavenged some parts from old game components to be used in the robot this year.

Both the Design and Strategy committees headed some Stronghold discussions, fine tuning the details of the game.

Programming was working hard to learn how different sensors and cameras operate in a game type setting.

On the non-technical side, our Awards and Presentation committee is still currently chipping away at the most prestigious award in all of FIRST, Chairman’s, while PR and Marketing continue to try and gain support and spirit for Snowday Showdown, our annual FTC qualifier. Speaking of Spirit, our Spirit committee is currently working on our Team’s Standard, a flag hung above our driver box symbolizing our team.
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