FINAL UPDATE 2013 Lenape Seneca FIRST Robotics District Competition

By cgregory | Written March 25, 2013

Hello again,

After a day riddled with mechanical issues, heated tempers, spirit-offs, and just plain chaos, Team Mercury’s done.  Making it all the way to the finals with alliance partners 365 (@FIRSTMOE365) and 433 (@firebirds433), we finished 2nd, and are proud to have done so.  The final matches were incredibly close, and we can’t wait to compete again at MAR (Mid Atlantic Regional) later in the season.  Both quarter finals and semi finals took three matches to resolve, one of which took an extra reset due to field issues.  But again, we’re done for the day.  We hope to do just as well at MAR as we did at Lenape Seneca, and we hope to see even more familiar faces there!

Good night everyone,

Kasia D.