Monty Madness!

By cgregory | Written May 18, 2013

Hi everyone,

Here at Monty Madness, hosted by Montgomery High School in Skillman NJ, we’re participating in a long, long day of friendly, off season competition.  We are currently seeded 11th, and we anxiously await alliance selections to decide our fate.  Now that lunch is over and everyone is back in the stands with a new surge of energy, we’ve redoubled our cheering and enthusiasm in the matches.  Despite our stretched resources due to the coinciding FRC and FTC competitions, we’re holding our own and doing well.

Speaking of the FTC wing of competition, Mercury 3944 is faring even better than 1089 is in FRC.  They are currently seeded 2nd and hope to keep their possession high going into alliance selections.

Today, we are competing to win, regardless of the fact that this is an off season competition, so we’ll see you at the end.  Keep checking our twitter for constant updates!

Kasia D., PR