Twin Rivers Day 2013

By cgregory | Written July 18, 2013

    Twin Rivers day, the day in the middle of the summer where all(most) of the mercurites get together for a public outreach event and to catch up on our summers thus far. Learning from last year’s heat and sun we made sure to bring several canopies and coolers full of water and whatnot. We drove our robot all around the Twin Rivers’ Trust parking lot and even shot a few Frisbees off until our shooter wheel just up’n’decided to break. Also, speaking off learning from last year, for our ‘stage’ demonstration the MC had us place our robot on the grass rather than the stage for obvious reasons. (if you don’t get that reference) With our shooter wheel broken we talked about our year’s glory while our driver fiddled with the controls doing donuts on the grass.

    Something everyone should have seen was when alum David N. entered a pie eating contest. The rule of the game was no hands, to which David suggested was easier for him. The first pie was apple and the second was peach. Unfortunately David did not win, however he later claims he only did it for the free pie.